Windows Movie Maker

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Your simple and quick Microsoft movie editor

Ever wanted to feel like dear old Marty? We're talking about Scorsese of course. Well, there's probably a long list of traits, fields of proficiency and characteristics you'll be needing, but at least let us take care of the technology for you. With Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft's movie editor, you'll be able to do lots of things with videos you haven’t been able to do before and that will make your video editing life a whole lot easier and much more fun.
Windows Movie Maker enables you to browse your photo collection on your PC, select any photos or video clips you like and add them to the software's interface for further use. After having selected all of the material with which you'll like to work you can start editing your movie and get it just right, like you've always wanted. With Windows Movie Maker you can switch parts of videos and swap their locations within the movie and manipulate its playing speed as you can set it to go faster or slower. Once your video is complete you can even add an audio soundtrack and a theme to bring your creation to completion and enhance the experience.
Windows Movie Maker will save you the trouble of micro-editing as it will automatically add transitions and effects. That way your movie will look extremely professional and probably even Marty wouldn’t be able to recognize it as not one of his own.
Finally, Windows Movie Maker enables you to easily and effortlessly share your movie online so you can show the world your masterpiece instead of keeping it to yourself.
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